Took every bit of free space of my desk, but been wanting a cintiq since I can remember and now I do! :D #dreams #……

Toronto, ON
CartoonistDude | About Me
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Andrew Patterson

CGI Artist

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Hey there, I’m that wacky artist on YouTube!

Well to begin with, my real name is Andrew Patterson, but more commonly known as CartoonistDude over the interwebs. Look it up on Google and just see if you can’t find me popping up somewhere! I was born in Brandon, Manitoba, but I have grown up in different areas of Canada (My Father was in the army). My joy of drawing started in around the 2000’s, when I was living in Kingston, Ontario, starting with small doodles on paper and moving them to make them artistic, usually in the middle of class. I didn’t know much about animation; I didn’t even know you could actually do it as a job! Until starting around 2004 when entered into high school and started to learn more about animation and then  the interest grew. Through my experience of high school, around 2005, I had to move to Scarborough, Ontario, and started attending Woburn Collegiate Institute, which turned my attention to colleges nearby that had animation as a program; it’s how I found out about Sheridan College. While at my new school, I took courses that I felt would help, such as visual arts, media arts and photography, as I thought they were important to understand, and I had keen interest for them. I graduated from Woburn in 2009, and went to Sheridan College the same year for Visual and Creative Arts, which then started the journey to getting a degree in animation. I have recently graduated from Sheridan’s 3D Computer Animation Certificate Program. I am also a graduate of Sheridan’s diploma course in Visual and Creative Arts in 2012.

Animation Projects

Here are some of the professional projects I have worked on.