Took every bit of free space of my desk, but been wanting a cintiq since I can remember and now I do! :D #dreams #……

Toronto, ON
CartoonistDude | Pikmin
Pikmin, Olimar, WiiU, Gamecube, Nintendo
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About This Project

Later on after I posted the video I did finally find out more about Olimar in Pikmin 3, but I won’t spoil anything here, get the game you won’t regret it!
Other than that, I did wish the scenery look more larger scale to make the Pikmin and Olimar look tiny to the world. But, I also don’t mind the attempt I tried with it… something to learn off of until the next drawing! Be sure to subscribe and comment on the drawing on YouTube!

Please hit that share button, and comment on the video! I could really use your support!

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August 13, 2013

Digital, Personal Artwork, YouTube