Took every bit of free space of my desk, but been wanting a cintiq since I can remember and now I do! :D #dreams #……

Toronto, ON
CartoonistDude | Sidekick
Check out his ToomBoom mini course I took! I animated the characters from the tv series Sidekick!
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Sidekick Animation

About This Project

For one week I was offered to take a quick crash course of how to use ToonBoom harmony thanks to Pipeline for offering it. Previously I used ToonBoom to place/animated effects in the series “OH NO! Its an alien invasion” and when I was given that task I was learning on my feet through the process and did a pretty good job for the short notice of work needed to be done in the software. But this small program that was offered gave me a better incite of how to use it for characters and the process of keying in ToonBoom. I feel like a learn a great amount in that one week.


June 16, 2014

2D Animation, Digital